Cloud Host Atlantic.Net Opens Data Center Aimed at NY Startup Scene

Switching on a data center near New York, Atlantic.Net is chasing the growing developer community here.

This is the fifth data center for the company, which is based in Orlando, FL, says CEO Marty Puranik. He is already setting the bar high for its outlook. “We’re expecting it to become our biggest site,” he says.

The company also has data canters in San Francisco and Dallas, he says, with plans to expand to London and Singapore in July.

New York is getting more crowded with data centers and cloud hosting services that want to attract startups and other developers here as customers. Just last month, IBM’s David Barnes flew in from Austin, TX, to talk up his company’s BlueMix cloud-based platform to the startup community at the New York Tech Meetup.

Altantic.Net’s new data center, which is located across the Hudson River in Clifton, NJ, offers some developer-friendly features, Puranik says, such as easy downloads on software frameworks. That can help them rapidly produce new applications, he says.

By opening a data center near New York, Puranik says it will cut down delays in data flow for developers in the area. That is of particular importance to clientele who do high-frequency stock trading, he says. “They might be testing applications and want low latency to the exchanges.”

The growth of mobile devices, and their software, has increased demand for cloud hosting services at the back end, Puranik says. His company works with developers at larger companies as well, who work on new projects such as mobile apps.

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