Datadog Acquires Big Data Analytics & App-Building Platform Mortar Data

Just weeks after raising new funding, New York-based Datadog went shopping.

On Wednesday, cloud monitoring service Datadog announced it acquired Mortar Data, a startup also based in New York that provides analytics and developed a software platform used by companies to build their own big data applications. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Mortar Data CEO and co-founder K Young says his company was growing independently, developing new technology, and had previously been approached by Datadog about being acquired. After some soul-searching, Young weighed working on a platform with broad, far-reaching uses or joining forces with Datadog, which was focused on managing infrastructure at a massive scale.

Having already pursued the first option, Young realized there was only so much Mortar Data could do on its own. “We wanted to join forces with a company that was working on something we thought was important,” he says.

That led to joining Datadog. Mortar Data was founded in 2011 and was a graduate of the 2012 Techstars Boston class. Young says Mortar Data’s staff and intellectual property will work within Datadog on new functions in analytics and predictions with large-scale machine learning.

Amit Agarwal, chief product officer with Datadog, says his company had already been using Mortar Data to analyze the huge amounts of data collected from Datadog’s customers. “We saw potential to provide deeper and finer levels of functionality if we had technology such as Mortar embedded in Datadog,” he says. That includes, Agarwal says, automatically detecting anomalies.

Young says the Mortar Data service, as it currently exists, will be phased out in the coming months with a new service provided through Datadog to replace it.

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