Worldwide Investor Network: Global Innovator 4

Cloud, Cyber Security & Big Data have changed the tech world as we know it. What are the latest trends in these markets and which international startups will be the next to make a splash in NYC?

The swift adoption of emerging technologies is upending traditional business models and changing the way senior executives think about running their organizations in this challenging environment.

Join us on April 24 at 5:30pm for Global Innovator 4, a NYC tech event series designed to showcase five of the world’s most innovative startups looking to become the next big thing, while discussing major tech trends.

Keynote Speaker: Michael Rubenstein, president, AppNexus

Panelists: David Teten, partner, ff Venture Capital

Matt Turck, managing director, Firstmark Capital

David Nevas, principal, Edison Ventures

Todd Pietri, general partner, Milestone Ventures

William Reinisch, venture partner, Paladin Capital Group

Moderator : João-Pierre S. Ruth, New York editor, Xconomy