Hackfit New York 2014

From the organizers:

“Hackfit will now be taking its adrenalized hackathon across the nation. On January 1st, the health-and-fitness-powered hackathon will be releasing tickets and details for its first four events of 2014 taking place in San Francisco, New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Hackfit is not your typical Hackathon. Dispelling the stereotype that most hackers are nocturnal Redbull vacuums, Hackfit brings together the CrossFitting-coders, UX-yogis, and marketing-marathoners for a whirlwind weekend of fitness challenges and wellness-based startup building. Picture a lean, mean team of programmers hitting the floor for 40 pushups in the middle of a coding spree for a new fitness app (or, see it here).

In fall of 2013, Hackfit’s inaugural event blew away all expectations. Garnering local attention from The Boston GlobeBoston.comBoston Business Journal, and many others, Hackfit was hailed as a great success by journalists and participants alike. Testimonials from Hackfit participants included the phrases: “changed my life,” “exceptional job,” and “best weekend of my life.”

The 160 entrepreneurs in attendance participated in a total 325 hours of exercise, while generating 20 potential fitness-tech startups. Top finalists for the weekend included a prototype for a weightlifting-machine aide that helps optimize performance, and an app which allows one to book yoga classes anytime, anywhere.

With such momentum, Hackfit is poised to take the startup scene by storm in 2014. With the January 1st release of tickets and details of its first four events, Hackfit will also be releasing the locations of six more events throughout the country. For more details, and to see all ten locations, visit: www.hackfit.com.”

Information and registration for the New York Hackfit event is here.