Ultra Light Startups Investor Feedback Forum

Ultra Light Startups brings together the world’s most innovative technology entrepreneurs, in monthly events and accompanying online communities. Events feature pitching, networking and interactive, moderated panel discussions with leading industry experts. Topics to be covered include design, technology, marketing and finance.

January’s Investor Panelists:

Jordan Bettman, Principal Bain Capital Ventures

David Horowitz, Partner at Genacast Ventures

Charlie Kemper, Managing Director at ER Accelerator

Micah Rosenbloom, Founder Partner at Founder Collective


Startup Pitches:

Kumesh Aroomoogan – Accern

Jonathon Ende – SeamlessDocs

Matt Hogan – Datacoup

Alain Mevellec – Sellsy

Ben Silbert – Bar & Club Stats

Joe Scola – Invidio

Justin Zhen – Thinknum

Brandon Fail – The Shoplift Company


Objectives are:

To help early stage startups refine their investor pitch

To provide actionable advice and feedback for each presenting startup

To provide insight on how investors evaluate startups and pitches

To award prizes to the most viable startups, based on audience voting