Canary’s Call for Crowdfunding Answered More than Fourfold in 48 Hours

All the “cool kids” seem to have crowdfunding campaigns these days but Canary in New York is among the few who hit their goal with blinding speed. The startup is developing a home security device equipped with an HD camera, night vision, motion detection, and other sensors that can be monitored via smartphone. On Monday, Canary initiated a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000—a goal it topped more than four times over within 48 hours.

I caught up with the Canary team as well as other startups demoing at Tuesday night’s NYC Tech Connect Technology You Can Touch event at the WeWork Lounge in Soho.

Canary, which somewhat resembles a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker, brings together sensors that monitor heat, air quality, and sound into one device that transmits alerts to the user’s smartphone. When notified, the user can set off a siren, make a phone call, or send a text message to others—such as a neighbor who is near the home.

As of Thursday morning, Canary had raised more than $550,000 through its campaign with 33 days still left. Different levels of contribution will secure preorders on one or more Canary devices, which Chris Rill, co-founder and CTO, said are scheduled to be released by the second quarter of 2014.

Since the last time I crossed paths with Canary, Rill said the team has been refining the interface for the monitoring app as well as the design of the device. “We started working on the software a lot more,” he said. The team is also hiring engineers as it ramps up to bring its device to market.

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