Filip Technologies Drafts New CEO from Virgin Group, Plans NY Office

A British developer of a wearable communicator for kids has hired Jonathan Peachey, previously CEO of Virgin Management USA, and plans to open a U.S. headquarters in New York that will include tech talent in mobile, Web, and backend software development.

Filip Technologies is putting the final touches on a device that functions as a locator and a phone to help families know where their children are. The device, called Filip, fits on the wrist like a watch and uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell signals to triangulate the wearer’s location. In case of emergencies, the child can push a button that transmits the location and contacts emergency services if family members can’t be reached.

The Filip can be programmed with up to five telephone numbers that the user can call quickly from the device. The people at the other end of those designated numbers can use the Filip smartphone app to see the child’s location on a map. The device can also receive—but not send—text messages. Filip is expected to be released later this year.

Jonathan Peachey

Peachey, who has been a mentor at TechStars NYC advising startups such as Lua Technologies, spent more than a decade with Virgin Group. His previous work included helping to expand the Virgin’s interests in mobile communications. He also was an advisor to Virgin boss Richard Branson.

Filip, founded in 2009 in Norway as Evado Filip, has its global headquarters in London and offices in Raleigh, NC.

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One response to “Filip Technologies Drafts New CEO from Virgin Group, Plans NY Office”

  1. gotek7 says:

    Scott Robidoux Filip is a Great Idea! They should probably provide the capability for parents to subscribe to their cellphone or cable carrier. A $10 per month price sounds about right. For younger children, it should have a irremovable lock. This technology should also be marketed to states needing a less costly community-based monitoring technology for ex-felons, sex-offenders. Additionally, they could add a pulse sensor and market it to seniors with medical conditions, especially alzheimer’s patients. [email protected] than a minute ago