TechStars NYC alum Frederick Cook to Speak at NY Venture Challenge

Moveline co-founder and CEO Frederick Cook will give a glimpse of his startup’s evolution on April 25 at the “New York’s Venture Challenge” half-day forum organized by Xconomy.

Moveline’s platform puts people who need to relocate in touch with moving companies they can hire and lets users create a video inventory of their stuff prior to boxing things up.

Cook says he worked on a previous startup that tried to land a spot in the very first TechStars NYC class, which graduated in April 2011. “We were the first runner-up,” he says. “That’s where I met David Tisch [then director of TechStars NYC] and David Cohen [founder of TechStars].”

Though he did not make it into the program on the first try, Cook reached out again to TechStars after co-founding Moveline. “We knew that within the first six to 12 months of the company, we were going to need to raise outside capital in order to put together the technology and team of people we would need,” he says.

Getting into an accelerator program, Cook says, seemed the right fit for those plans. Moveline graduated last spring from TechStars NYC.

The team at Moveline has since dealt with both fair and foul weather in New York, raising funding last November while also toughing out Hurricane Sandy. You can hear more of Moveline’s story at New York’s Venture Challenge, which will be held at the AppNexus headquarters on West 23rd Street on April 25.

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