Conductor Helps Companies Compete for Prime Spots in Web Searches

Every company wants to be first, especially when it comes to marketing on the Web. Getting brand names and links at the top of search results may attract more customers, but figuring out how to grab and hold onto such prime spots can be confusing. That’s where Conductor, a New York-based search engine optimization technology company, comes in.

Conductor, much like others in the SEO industry, offers its technology to help clients get their pages listed higher with Google and other search engines. With a recent infusion of new cash, Conductor plans to expand and further develop its software.

Seth Dotterer, co-founder and vice president of marketing for Conductor, says many businesses do not realize they can improve their rankings in Web searches with a bit of technology. Just because companies attain high positions in search results with Google or Bing there is no guarantee they will maintain those places. The structure of the websites, content, and the way the brands interact with their customers online can influence who gets listed first by search engines. The farther down the company gets listed, the less likely they are to catch the eyes of online customers, Dotterer says.

His company helps its clients determine recommended changes to gain more traction in Web searches—but Conductor is far from alone in this sector. Rivals include seoClarity based in the Chicago area, and Germany’s Searchmetrics. Dotterer believes his company’s software sets itself apart from its competitors by checking for tags and keywords that should be placed on websites but may be missing or in the wrong spot.

Conductor’s cloud-based Searchlight platform also lets companies monitor how their websites stack up in searches. “Our technology audits where companies show up and where the competition’s pages show up [in search results],” he says. It also alerts companies to ranking changes and what precipitated the shifts.

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