Blueprint Health’s Latest Class Tackles Drug Adherence, Other Issues

Graduating its second batch of startups to bring more innovation to healthcare, Blueprint Health in New York is rapidly cementing its place among the city’s accelerators. Nine healthcare technology companies from Blueprint’s summer session held a demo day last Thursday to impress investors and potential collaborators.

By specializing in health, which frankly affects everyone, these startups may attract a substantial clientele—if they can deliver on the technology they demoed. Brad Weinberg, co-founder of Blueprint Health, says his accelerator program looks for sustainable businesses with clear customer bases that are willing to pay to solve their pain points. “It’s not the Silicon Valley, build-it-quick, consumer app environment,” he says.

The demoing startups presented technology that ranged from ensuring patients stick to their medication regimens to a virtual pet that helps seniors stay mentally focused. Weinberg told Xconomy he believes the market understands that such healthcare startups may take a bit longer to realize their potential compared with the usual apps makers; however, they can be rather lucrative.

Blueprint launched its first three-month session back in January and graduated its first class in the spring. So far the inaugural class of nine companies has collectively raised some $4 million in funding since emerging from Blueprint.

Startups that participate in the accelerator program each receive $20,000 in funding plus use of Blueprint’s co-working space in SoHo for 12 weeks of mentorship in exchange for 6 percent equity. Weinberg says the startups come from across the country and overseas. At least seven from the first class put down roots in New York after completing the program.

Blueprint tries to give the startups in its program just enough guidance and support to take off on their own. “Good entrepreneurs do not need to be babied,” Weinberg says.

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