Streamworks and Others Say Live Video on Mobile Devices Is Changing News

Everyone knows video is a huge driver of Web traffic, but thus far the bulk of that content has been prerecorded, even on news sites. Now change is underway, according to a gathering of media professionals in New York who spoke Tuesday morning about the spread of live video to more mobile devices around the globe.

The panel was brought together by Streamworks International, a company with British heritage and operations in New York, which develops software that brings live streaming video to smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Making more live video accessible, especially on mobile devices, is changing the dynamics of the news and media industry, according to Streamworks CEO Ray Mia, who spoke to Xconomy on Tuesday, prior to the panel discussion.

Not only can broadcasters reach the audience live when they are away from their televisions, but Mia also expects the business model for news to evolve as well. “If live [streaming] is done well, it can be monetized,” he says. “Publishers want to deliver [content] anywhere. It’s all about click and play.”

Streamworks’ software brings live video, as well as video on demand, to Web-connected devices. Mia says his company works largely with news outlets that want to make streaming content available to more users of mobile gadgets. His clients include The Daily Mail, the Associated Press, the United Nations, and YouTube.

Watching prerecorded video on mobile devices is nothing new. People often watch movies, television shows, and user-generated clips on tablets and smartphones. Streaming live events such as the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton or the Summer Olympic Games, however, can devour bandwidth and potentially jam up wireless networks if not handled carefully—and that is where Streamworks comes in. The company’s software and infrastructure manages the live feed to ensure video quality is maintained wherever the content is watched.

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