Paul Arena Out, Robert Hussey In as CEO of Augme Technologies

With the end of summer comes a change in leadership at Augme Technologies (OTCBB: AUGT) in New York. The company announced that Robert F. Hussey, who served as its interim chief operating officer from June until the beginning of September, was appointed interim CEO, replacing Paul Arena. Augme is the parent company of Hipcricket, a mobile marketing and ad services firm. Arena, who became CEO in 2010 and served as chairman of Augme since last October, remains on the board of directors.

In a statement, Hussey said expanding the Hipcricket business has become an important focus for Augme. About one year ago Augme acquired Hipcricket and relocated it from the Seattle area to New York, making Hipcricket the centerpiece of the company’s operations. Ivan Braiker, the co-founder of Hipcricket, remains with the company as president.

Prior to joining Augme, Hussey served as chief restructuring advisor and then CEO at Digital Lightwave, a St. Petersburg, FL-based provider of test equipment to the telecom industry. He also previously served as chief operating officer at investment bank H. C. Wainwright & Co.

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