Web Startup Cut On Your Bias Lets Shoppers Influence Runway Shows

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huge amount of brand engagement, when people come on and they vote and share interactions on that platform,” he says. “We’re seeing a ton of excitement from the brand about leveraging social in a new way.”

The voting process also shows retailers what consumers are willing to buy, insight that is increasingly sought after as designers are looking to close the gap between what they produce and what actually sells.

It’s a strategy also being chased by New York-based Moda Operandi, which allows consumers to pre-order runway collection apparel that often doesn’t even make it into stores. The startup recently announced that it is tapping into these insights on customer buying preferences to launch an e-commerce site for selling in-season merchandise.

While Cut On Your Bias has helped newer independent designers get exposure to engaged consumers, Monoyudis sees the data and insight it offers appealing to more established brands.

“We’re opening up discussions with other retailers—it can be anybody who has a vertical retail channel marketing online,” he says. “The areas that really excite them are the analytics and understanding of consumer demands before you actually go through the production process.”

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