3-D Vision Brings New Dimensions to 2-D TV, Even The Wizard of Oz

The pitch for 3-D video in the home has yet to be embraced by the majority of consumers, but a Westbury, NY-based innovator believes his technology can jumpstart demand. Gene Dolgoff, CEO of 3-D Vision, developed a way to turn two-dimensional video content into 3-D imagery without the need for new televisions. Though his converter for homes is still in the prototype phase, he says a production model could be ready soon—with enough funding.

“The idea is to make it so people can use equipment they already have to enjoy the 3-D experience at home,” he says.

Consumer electronics giants such as Samsung, LG Electronics, and Panasonic have been lauding 3-D technology as a feature in many of their new televisions and blu-ray players. The problem is the library of 3-D content available on disc remains limited and the choices are even more restrictive on broadcast television. The industry faces a chicken-and-egg dilemma as studios gradually introduce more 3-D material and televisions capable of displaying such visual effects creep into homes. “People don’t want to spend the money on a new TV set,” Dolgoff say. “It’s almost unjustifiable because there is nothing to watch in 3-D.”

3-D Vision’s technology is being positioned as a lower cost alternative to techniques studios currently use to convert two-dimensional video. Dolgoff says he can turn even The Wizard of Oz into a 3-D feature.

Studios dabble with the visual dazzle of 3-D in action movies to make objects such Captain America’s shield seem to fly at the audience but it is hard to imagine a TV show such as Gossip Girl leveraging such technology to add visual depth.

That may change with Dolgoff’s Instant 3-D Converter device currently under development for televisions and computers. His company’s Auto 3D technology was put to work in 2010 converting a special episode of the Rachel Ray Show. The technology allowed the show to be converted without having to put … Next Page »

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2 responses to “3-D Vision Brings New Dimensions to 2-D TV, Even The Wizard of Oz”

  1. gregg AC says:

    the product already exists. And is very popular. The 3D Video Wizard by Cellnorth

  2. Terry Blaunk says:

    Does anyone ever stop and try and verify these stories?? Rather than repost this stuff over and over and over again. Buyer Beware.