Todacell Helps Brands Curate Mobile Ads, Helps Itself to More Cash

As the advertising industry marches deeper into the wireless frontier, getting the most out of mobile devices becomes more crucial for marketers. New York-based Todacell has developed an ad network platform that can help marketers pick the right mobile ads to catch the attention of individual consumers, no matter what smartphone or tablet they are using.

Todacell, which was founded in Israel in 2007, raised $2 million last week from AfterDox, an angel investment group, and other private investors, bringing total funding to $4.35 million. The company is also making money on its own. CEO Mark Lehmann says Todacell will generate about $400,000 in revenue in June, compared with $100,000 last December.

Todacell’s technology lets advertisers and publishers manage their inventory of mobile ads, and see details on how individuals interact with those ads. The software can track such publicly available information as the time of day and consumers’ locations when they accessed the ads—as well as the types of mobile devices used. That overall goal is to offer marketers a clearer picture of who responds to their messages.

The platform can also be used to track specific demographics of consumers that marketers want to reach. Based on such data, ads can be automatically targeted to reach to consumers through their mobile devices, with the expectation they will be more receptive to the curated messages.

Lehmann would not identify the ad publishers his company works with, but he says Todacell works with brands and ad publishers who want a tailored way to deliver … Next Page »

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