MK Capital-Backed DramaFever Brings International TV Shows to the Web

While some cable television channels such as BBC America offer entertainment from overseas, there are even more shows on the global stage looking for new audiences. DramaFever in New York provides access, via the Web and mobile devices, to those hard-to-find shows from countries such as Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Seung Bak, co-founder of DramaFever, says his three-year-old company plans to expand its content selection this year, thanks to a recent funding round. He believes offering shows, mostly for free, from such diverse sources can disrupt old broadcast models that limit viewership of these programs. “There has to be a better way to get content on demand when you want to watch it,” he says.

Bak says what gives DramaFever an edge on the competition is its growing library of some 400 on demand titles—many of which are subtitled in English for nonnative speakers. He believes making these shows accessible to a broad audience differentiates DramaFever from cable and satellite television channels, which may focus on very specific audiences. “A lot of those channels are geared toward the ethnic, in-language crowd,” he says. “DramaFever is all about making content available for a mainstream audience.”

Currently DramaFever can be viewed in the United States, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico. The company also curates Korean drama shows that appear on Hulu’s platform. Bak says he saw an opportunity to work officially with media sources to reach new audiences in response to online fan communities that share videos—many of which are unauthorized—from these international markets.

On March 16, DramaFever closed a $4.5 million Series B funding round led by MK Capital. The company will use the money to make the platform available in … Next Page »

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