33Across Taps More User Data Than Facebook or Google for Marketers

In the race to make mountains of social Web data useful, social targeting technology company 33Across says it is getting ahead of the competition by gathering anonymous information from more users than even Facebook has access to.

That might sound surprising. But thanks to its recent acquisition of Tynt Multimedia, New York-based 33Across has the pulse of more than 1.25 billion unique users on the Web and the content they share; that’s information that publishers and brands can use to better target their ad promotions. By comparison, Google weighs in with 1 billion users, and Facebook has 800 million users. “We’re building what Facebook should build,” says Eric Wheeler, CEO and co-founder of 33Across. “We’re doing what Twitter should do, which is empower these brands to take action across the Web.”

The late January acquisition of San Francisco’s Tynt added more than 1 billion users’ worth of data to 33Across’s resources. Tynt is a social publishing tool used by content providers such as CBS Interactive, New York Post, and Condé Nast. Prior to the acquisition, 33Across had data on about 220 million unique users in the U.S., Wheeler says.

He is hungry to make four-year-old 33Across even bigger. Thus far the company has raised $12 million, and Wheeler says it is seeking more funding to help it grow. Investors in 33Across include Flybridge Capital Partners, First Round Capital, and QED Investors. The company’s angel investors include Jerry Neumann, Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan, StubHub.com co-founder Jeff Fluhr, New York Angels founder David Rose, and Whiskey Media founder Shelby Bonnie. Wheeler says 33Across … Next Page »

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