Georgia Startups Have New York on Their Minds at Flashpoint Demo Day

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technology used by Hollywood studios, he says, but it offers some other novel uses. For example, Trimensional’s technology can digitize photos of everyday people so they can be pictured in the background of video games and movies in place of the synthetic characters the studios create to fill space. Schindler said special effects studios Industrial Light & Magic, which is owned by George Lucas, and Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop have expressed interest in his technology.

Here is a quick rundown of the other startups that presented on demo day:

Badgy: A social search engine optimization platform for consumer brands and marketers.

Billfold: A software-as-a-service billing system aimed at improving security and automation.

CodeGuard: A platform for monitoring changes made to websites that lets web administrators revert to previous versions of their pages.

CollectorDASH: A community marketplace aimed at serious collectors of action figures and other items.

eCommHub: A fulfillment platform for e-tailers who rely on third-party vendors rather than maintain their own inventory.

IdeaString: A platform for identifying experts and sources of knowledge within businesses networks.

Lucena Research: Web-based technology that helps individual investors search for opportunities in the market.

N4MD: A content-aggregation publishing platform that lets media companies and bloggers turn their work into e-books and electronic magazines.

Pindrop Security: Creates a unique fingerprint for phone calls based on point of origin and other information in order to identify fraudulent calls that fool caller ID systems.

Saving Grace: A daily deals-style platform that churches can use for fund raising programs with local merchants.

Simmer: Leverages social media and other communication tools to alert others about personal conflicts among family members.

Soket: A platform that businesses can use to manage customer relationships across social networks and their own websites.

SportsCrunch: Aggregates social media and sports news content so users can relive favorite sports moments.

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