LoCreep Launches with Laughs at NY Tech Meetup

The college students behind New York’s LoCreep deserve credit for the showmanship they displayed at the NY Tech Meetup on Nov. 2, when they officially launched of a Web app designed to hinder so-called creeps in the dating pool. LoCreep team members Andres Campanella and Misha Ponizil, with a little help from former TechStars NY designer Rebecca Zhou, demoed the Web-based tool. Ponizil sacrificed his dignity to play a cocky, Jersey Shore-wannabe, strutting on stage in jeans and an undershirt and attempting to “get those digits” from a gun-shy Rebecca Zhou.

In short, LoCreep gives users telephone numbers they can share to filter out overly aggressive or otherwise bothersome people who give chase in the dating world. When the potential creep calls and leaves a voicemail or sends texts to LoCreep numbers, the messages are captured for later review. (The callers’ names are removed to protect the somewhat-innocent.)

LoCreep users can share the messages for humor’s sake with their chosen circle of friends on the site. If the users are feeling particularly spiteful, they can post the anonymous messages on Tumblr for the world to peruse.

LoCreep, which is free, also lets users look up telephone numbers to see if someone they just met has already been tagged in the system as a creep.

LoCreep was developed at October’s hackNY, a hackathon event that … Next Page »

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2 responses to “LoCreep Launches with Laughs at NY Tech Meetup”

  1. anon says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is kinda fucked up?