Wanderfly’s Technology Feeds Wanderlust on The New York Times’ Travel Pages

For vacationers who are unsure of where to go for their next trip, New York’s Wanderfly is bringing its recommendation technology to a broad audience of travelers. Last Wednesday, technology from Wanderfly began running on some 1,000 travel pages hosted by The New York Times, according to Christy Liu, co-founder and director of marketing for Wanderfly. Her company’s website and technology offers users ideas on where to travel based on such criteria as personal interests and price range. The new partnership puts Wanderfly in front of readers visiting The New York Times‘s travel section and makes good on the startup’s plans for funding it raised early this year.

Two-year-old Wanderfly raised $1 million in February from investors such as Charles River Ventures; MentorTech Ventures; Jason Calacanis, CEO and founder of Mahalo; and Path co-founder and CEO Dave Morin. Part of that funding was put towards bringing Wanderfly’s technology on partner websites. Wanderfly has raised a total of $1.4 million, says Liu, since its inception.

Under the partnership with The New York Times, Wanderfly’s technology generates travel recommendations that appear in the left margin of the Web pages, based in part on the destinations the readers are already viewing. “If you are on the New York City page, you might also like L.A. or Milan,” Liu says. “That is powered by our data.”

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