Vizibility Raises $1.3 Million for Personal Web Branding Product

New York-based Vizibility announced today that it raised a follow-on seed round of $1.3 million, bringing its total capital raised to over $2 million. The company, which struggled to raise seed funding after it was founded in 2009, was oversubscribed on this round.

Vizibility is a tool that allows users to control how they appear when someone searches for them on Google. They can add key words that they want to be associated with their name, such as their employer’s name. Each Vizibility customer gets a SearchMe button, which they can add to any Web page. When people click on the button, they get right to the curated Google results. Members also get QR codes that they can add to business cards and other marketing materials in order to guide people towards their Vizibility search results.

As founder James Alexander told Xconomy in May, he was inspired to start Vizibility when his “two first names” made it impossible for anyone to search for him on the Web. He developed the Vizibility platform and began marketing it, mostly to … Next Page »

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