Foursquare Bags $50 Million

Location-based mobile giant Foursquare has raised a $50 million funding round, according to the company’s blog. Investors included Andreessen-Horowitz, Spark Capital, and previous investors O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and Union Square Ventures. The company plans to add engineers to its current staff of 70, boost its merchant offerings, and expand internationally. Although buzz put the valuation at $1 billion, TechCrunch reports it was actually a more modest (but still sky-high) $600 million.

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One response to “Foursquare Bags $50 Million”

  1. Greg says:

    The AmEx / Foursquare coupon partnership offer merchants a much better deal than the likes of Groupon do. Although we don’t know the specifics of each merchant participation agreement, my educated guess is that American Express, as part of its strong push to position itself at the forefront of the fast-growing mobile payments industry, is subsidizing a great deal of the coupons’ value. After all, for AmEx this is just another form of a rewards program. This is definitely not the case with the Groupon deals, which typically cost merchants 50 percent of the already heavily discounted coupon’s value. I could never figure out why any merchant would agree to this.