Energy Event Seeks to Create a Greener NYC By Uniting VCs and Cleantech Startups

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“elevator pitch,” in sessions that will be moderated by Micah Kotch, operations director of the NYC-based incubator Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (ACRE). “We want these entrepreneurs to come to the attention of VCs and also to illustrate the variety of startups NYC has,” Shimazu says.

Shimazu reports that about 200 people have registered to attend the Energy Infotech Forum. “We were targeting 150, so we’re pleased,” he says.

Here’s a list of the startups that will be presenting at the event:

Efficiency 2.0
This company developed Consumer First, a program utilities providers can use to provide their customers with personalized conservation measures.

CALM Energy
This startup’s software and consulting services are geared towards helping utility providers cut costs and monetize underutilized energy resources.

ThinkEco’s product is a wireless “modlet” that people can plug into any outlet and then use to monitor and control their electricity consumption.

Callida Energy
Callida, named after a flowering plant that grows in granite crevices, applies smart analytics to helping facilities managers optimize their energy use.

Green Pangia
This company’s software allows building managers to monitor, analyze, and control their energy consumption.

US Energy Group
This startup develops Web-based energy-management tools for managers of large residential and commercial properties.

Locus Energy
Locus provides software that enables manager of renewable energy projects to monitor and analyze the performance of their systems.

Skystream Markets
Skystream combines technology and traditional brokerage services to provide a trading platform for renewable power producers, utilities, and investment banks.

This startup, debuting at Energy Infotech Forum, offers a smart-parking platform that can message drivers to notify them of open spaces.

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