Webby Award Nominees Include New York, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle Internet Innovators

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the New York Times, which picked up 18 nominations. Others are a little less renowned, including Wiseguy Pictures, a comedy troupe that picked up a nomination in the “best writing” category for an online video called “Facebook Ruins Job Interview.” (The name says it all.)

Here is a sample of top nominees that hail from Xconomy cities…

New York

The New York Times in categories ranging from news to financial services

The New Yorker’s blog and magazine

The Huffington Post for its blog and coverage of business and politics

TED.com for its podcasts, educational programming, and more

The Onion for humor, writing, and video


WGBH Educational Foundation for Freedom Riders

Modernista for Dexter Game On and Boulder Digital Works


Zillow for its website and mobile apps

Cheezburger Network for The Daily What

San Francisco

Dropbox for best practices

BabyCenter for family/parenting

Exploratorium for education/science

Twitter in the “community” category

San Diego

Neer for best use of GPS or location technology

For a complete list of nominees, click here.

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