July 16, 2019

[email protected]: The Roots and Future of the Internet

This is a year of internet milestones. Fifty years ago in October, the first message was sent over the ARPANET, the precursor to the internet. The World Wide Web turned 30 in March. And 2019 marks the first year more than half the world’s population—over four billion people—have internet access.

[email protected] is a special two-part gathering taking a critical look at the internet today and where it is heading. More than two dozen of the Internet's pioneers will be joined by some of today's leading visionaries. There will likely never be another event like this that honors the internet's creators while contemplating its future. Join us at the MIT Media Lab and Café ArtScience in Kendall Square for this historic occasion.

Topics include:

· An internet call to action
· How to fix social media
· Connectivity as a human right
· IoT & small data
· Interspecies internet (featuring musician Peter Gabriel)

[email protected] is part of a new World Frontiers Forum initiative on enhancing and protecting digital identity, privacy, and safety.

An afternoon forum at MIT will explore the big issues surrounding the internet. A gala dinner in nearby Kendall Square will honor its pioneers and bring together past, present, and future technology and business leaders.

Join us, and internet luminaries from around the world, for this special day.

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