Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego Will Be Delivered Digitally

Xconomy National — 

At Xconomy, we are here to serve the global biotech community and help biotech and pharma companies connect, do business, and find investment opportunities. We take this role seriously, and over the last week we have been engaged with many of you on how to deliver the value that Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego provides at a time when travel restrictions from Covid-19 are affecting many members of the community.

Based on this feedback and our commitment to supporting the community in the best way we can, we have decided to restage Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego as a fully digital event. Instead of hosting an in-person format, Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego will be delivered as a fully digital event on the scheduled date of March 18, 2020.

What will this look like?

  • Panelists will participate and answer attendee questions through an online platform, which will be available to all who have registered.
  • Networking: Xconomy is committed to delivering on this important element of the program. Shortly, we will announce a new date for a networking reception to take place at Takeda’s San Diego facility.
  • Event Networking App: All attendees will have access to our attendee networking app, allowing you to view the full attendee list (150+) and communicate before, during, and after the digital event.

Difficult situations demand new approaches and creative solutions. Over the next week we will work tirelessly to make the digital version of Xcelerating Life Sciences San Diego a success and continue to deliver the value you expect from us. This is certainly an evolving and challenging environment. However, business must go on! If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].