Bayer and Arvinas Appoint John Dombrosky CEO of Joint Venture Oerth

Xconomy National — 

The Bayer and Arvinas (NASDAQ: ARVN) joint venture announced in July now has a name and a chief executive. Oerth Bio (pronounced “Earth”) will be led by CEO John Dombrosky. Dombrosky joins Oerth from Agtech Accelerator, where he has been CEO for the past three years. His experience also includes roles at Syngenta, Thomson Reuters, and Northwest Airlines.

Oerth was formed to develop products for human health and agriculture based on Arvinas’s technology, which harnesses a cellular process that cells use to rid themselves of harmful proteins. According to finalized terms of the joint venture, Bayer and Arvinas will support Oerth with more than $55 million in funding from Bayer, and the protein degradation technology and intellectual property from Arvinas.