Genomics Experts Preview Xconomy’s Aug. 27 Bay Area Biotech Forum

Xconomy National — 

Study of the human genome has yielded new insights into the origins of diseases and the pathways to potentially cure them. Join Xconomy and Biocom the evening of Aug. 27 to hear from leaders in the field for “Turning Genomics Into Better Health,” our life sciences forum at Biocom Bay Area. We’ll explore the hope, hype, and perils of tapping into our genes.

One of the companies trying to turn genomic research into new drugs is Maze Therapeutics, a South San Francisco company that launched earlier this year backed by $191 million in funding.

“Despite all of the progress in drug development, many patients with certain diseases still have inadequate options,” says Maze CEO Jason Coloma, who will be one of the speakers at the forum. “But there is hope with the promise of sophisticated functional genomics tools, coupled with a wealth of information that connects genotypic and phenotypic data available to us today.”

Progress is already being made in rare blood diseases. Sangamo Therapeutics, for example, has positive early data from clinical trials testing its gene therapy for hemophilia.

“By taking precision medicine to its highest level, by addressing the genetic code that is the source of the underlying disease, genomic therapies will fundamentally change how diseases are treated,” says fellow speaker Sandy Macrae, president and CEO of Sangamo.

Besides breakthroughs in blood diseases, the agenda will cover the rise of genetic counseling, and the ethics and privacy issues that come with it; and the use of AI and data analytics to speed up the process of discovering and developing new medicines.

“Let’s figure out the really important problems in the drug development process,” says forum panel member Daphne Koller, insitro founder and CEO. “The ones for which machine learning could, in fact, provide good predictions.”

Discount $100 tickets for the forum are still available, but not for long (special student and startup rates are also available). This is your chance to engage and network with local scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and other health experts at the cutting edge of biotech.

“Genomics has tremendous promise to improve health and well-being for many through faster diagnosis, more personalized treatment plans, and improved management for high risk populations,” says speaker Lisa Alderson, co-founder and CEO of Genome Medical.

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