Xconomy Giveaway: 20 Tickets for Startups at Big Data Meets Big Bio

Xconomy National — 

At Xconomy we know how hard it is to be a startup founder. We’re always meeting bootstrapping entrepreneurs who take that lean startup model a little too literally.

So we have some exciting news for startup teams! Due to the generosity of our community supporters, Xconomy has a block of 20 complimentary startup tickets for the Xconomy Forum on Big Data Meets Big Biology, taking place on April 26 at the Alexandria.

It’s an opportunity to put the vision you have for your startup in a broader context, to meet with experts in genomics, bioinformatics, high-performance computing, and innovation—and to hear what three VCs have to say about current investment trends at the convergence of big data and the life sciences. Our agenda includes a panel discussion with seasoned startup founders talking about the challenges of managing big data and fast growth, presentations on blockchain applications in the life sciences, and a chat between Freenome co-founder Riley Ennis with Amir Nashat of Polaris Partners about the dos and don’ts of early stage funding.

It’s all in one afternoon–a freewheeling and informative exploration of how new software and computing tools are being used to make sense of a data overload that is more than the human mind can comprehend. It’s about transforming life sciences and healthcare by improving odds, minimizing risks, and optimizing outcomes.

To claim one of these complimentary tickets, e-mail [email protected] with the following:
— Your name, title, startup
— A brief written or video explanation that answers the question: “How do you see the convergence of Big Data and Big Biology impacting the future of healthcare?”

These complimentary tickets are reserved for attendees from companies that are less than three years old with 20 or fewer employees, and are only for new registrations. If you already have a ticket, it cannot be exchanged for a free one, but we hope you will spread the good will by inviting a colleague. Given the limited number, we ask that you please use your free ticket (or let us know if your plans change). Note: Xconomy may use these responses for future promotional material.

We’re looking forward to your answers and meeting you on April 26!