Xconomy Announces Channel Focused on the Future of Education

Since its inception more than nine years ago, Xconomy has focused its coverage on the business of high technology—across information technology, life sciences, healthcare, energy, robotics, and much more. But underlying all that, in a sense, is education. We have long run stories about STEM education, educational technology, and more—and even put out a special Xconomist report on the future of education. It asked leading Xconomists the question: What should students be studying now to prepare for 10 years from now?

All this is to say that trends in education and edtech—and especially how education applies to the business of high tech—has long been something our editors have focused on. Now we are bringing that coverage even more front and center with the launch of a national Education channel. This dedicated portion of our website, featuring its own home page, will bring together all articles about education and edtech from across our 11-market network. It is our tenth such subject-specific channel, joining Startups, Health IT, Cleantech, Exome (life sciences), Xperience (consumer tech and society), Fintech, Robotics and A.I., Agtech and Food, and Cybersecurity.

We’d like to offer a big thank you to our launch sponsors/underwriters who have joined us to support this new channel: the Lumina Foundation and Alexandria Real Estate Equities.

Xconomy’s editors from across the county will be contributing to the education channel. Today, with the channel’s debut, we are running three articles. One, by Jeff Engel, is about the Massachusetts edtech cluster; it includes a table of companies that help represent the local scene. Xconomy San Francisco editor Bernadette Tansey has written an analysis piece looking at Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump on education and edtech. And finally, we have a story by Sarah Schmid Stevenson looking at Lessonly, an Indianapolis-based corporate training and education startup.

In the near future, we will have a feature piece looking at some of the San Francisco area’s biggest edtech startups, and how things have been going with them. From Boston, we’ll have a story on a coding academy that’s focused on training underrepresented minorities. And from Seattle, we will be reporting on a new tech apprenticeship program.

Our hope is that this channel will make it simple for readers interested in the future of education—and who isn’t?—to find all articles on this vital subject from across our network. All it takes is to go to the home page of the new channel or sign up for a dedicated e-mail newsletter.

Bob is Xconomy's founder and chairman. You can email him at [email protected] Follow @bbuderi

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