Introducing Xconomy’s New Fintech Channel

Whether you think Apple Pay or bitcoins, lending or mobile banking, not to mention new ways to protect our financial information, a revolution is underway when it comes to the technology behind finance. What’s more, this revolution is playing out all over the country—not just in the financial hubs of New York or Silicon Valley (although it is huge in both places).

Xconomy has been covering this field from most of its bureaus—but we haven’t had a way to feature it collectively. Until now, that is, through our just-launched national Fintech channel.

Our new channel is designed to feature in one place our financial technology coverage from all 10 regions across the Xconomy network: New York and San Francisco, to be sure, but also Boston, San Diego, Seattle, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Raleigh-Durham, and Boulder-Denver. It is our seventh such national channel to date, joining Health IT, Cleantech, Mobile, Startups, Exome (life sciences); and Xperience, our consumer tech channel.

The scope of our stories is pretty broad: their topics range from fintech startup accelerators to deals in peer-to-peer lending to deep dives into areas like equity crowdfunding. It’s all brought to you by top journalists on the ground in our coverage regions.

Along with launching the Fintech channel, we’ll also be seeking more insights and opinions from innovators in financial technology and related areas through our Xconomist Forum (the equivalent of our Op-Ed page).

We couldn’t have taken this step without a fantastic new sponsor, Capital One, launch partner of our Fintech Channel. Thanks to Capital One and to all our underwriters, venture members, and partners.

And for those of you keenly interested in financial technology, we hope you’ll like this new way of presenting our great coverage.

Bob is Xconomy's founder and chairman. You can email him at [email protected] Follow @bbuderi

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