Introducing Exome, Xconomy’s New Home For Biotech and Health Coverage

Xconomy National — 

By now you’ve had a day or two to meet Exome, Xconomy’s new place for all things life sciences, health, and biotech, which launched Monday. Let me amend that. Some things are new, which I’ll get to in a moment, but some things remain the same: the reporting and analysis you expect from me, Ben Fidler, and Xconomy’s reporters on the ground in San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Raleigh/Durham, Wisconsin, Texas, and Colorado. Everything health-related you read Xconomy for will still be covered under the Exome roof: biotech deals and strategy, emerging biomedical science, digital health trends, and more.

But we decided it was time to spruce up the look of our life science coverage. We hope you like the design, with bigger photos, more prominent placement for our top stories and outside contributors, and other ways for you to take the temperature of the biotech world: A live Twitter feed, deals of the day, and news about people on the move (which you’ll find under the heading—surprise!—“People on the Move”).

The new design extends to our free daily Exome e-mail newsletter, which you can sign up for here. If you’re reading this in one of our other newsletters or an e-mail that someone sent, or perhaps these words are coming to you in a dream, and you haven’t yet visited Exome, please do so here—because of course your dreams have clickable links—and let us know what you think. We’re eager to get your feedback.