Mogl’s Anti-Hunger Games Use Peer Pressure to Put Food on Plates

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all or part of their 10 percent cash-back reward to a local food bank—knowing that every 20 cents they donate equals one meal.

When Mogl users pay their tab at a Mogl-affiliated restaurant they still get a real-time notification about the size of their cash-back award. But they also can immediately decide if they want to donate any or all of their cash-back award to help feed the hungry. The real-time transaction is made possible through a deal with Visa, and a Mogl video explains the process.

Mogl 2.0 also gamifies donations by enabling users to create a “donor leaderboard” with their friends, and share a message like “ I just donated 25 meals” on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The new version also features a “hunger tracker” for every city where Mogl is available.

“It represents a whole new driver that enables you to see how you stack up with your friends, and also tracks the number of meals you’ve donated in your city,” Carder says.

Mogl Jon Carder

A Mogl savings notification

Mogl currently operates in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and Ventura—and expanded to Phoenix, AZ, in August. But the company also has been laying the groundwork for a nationwide expansion—and Carder says he’s willing to enter a new market every time at least 100 local users and five restaurants sign up for the Mogl program.

His strategy might be clever social marketing, or maybe just an update on the concept of “doing good by doing well.” In any case, Carder contends Mogl’s new approach is a more powerful way to give than occasionally writing a check to a food bank. He says, “I think Mogl is going to become the No. 1 way in America to solve the hunger problem.”

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  1. lg347697 says:

    What great timing! Love companies who use their force to do good. nice work mogl.