CyberFlow Analytics Raises $2M from Toshiba for Cybersecurity SaaS

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disable, destroy, or steal important data.

“We’re going after the global enterprise market,” Caldwell said by phone yesterday afternoon. “We’re not going after government contracts.” At least two financial institutions have agreed to help test the CyberFlow’s software, he added.

The company was able to attract substantial funding because of the strength of its management team, Caldwell said. He previously helped lead San Diego-based LonoCloud to a successful buyout in April, and was an engineering director for more than 11 years at Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA.

Co-founder Hossein Eslambolchi, who is CyberFlow’s chairman and CEO, was a longtime technology executive at AT&T Labs and served as AT&T’s chief technology officer. Eslambolchi, an expert in IP network design and reliability, holds more than 1,000 patents (granted and pending).

Louie Gasparini, CyberFlow’s CTO, was previously the CTO at RSA Security (acquired by Massachusetts computing giant EMC in 2006) and served in various roles as an Internet executive at Wells Fargo Bank for 13 years.

“This really is a great area for cybersecurity software,” Caldwell says of the San Diego region. “I’ve learned that it’s easier to find good candidates in [cybersecurity] software development here than in Silicon Valley.” Largely because of the military presence in San Diego, Caldwell says, “I’ve interviewed a number of people who have been working on security projects already.”

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