Xconomy’s Post-Election Innovation Priority Poll

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[Updated, Nov. 9—The polls are closed. But you can see the results here–Eds] The election is over. But as we all know, the really hard part—finding ways for our newly elected and reelected leaders to work together to move the country forward—still remains. There is work to be done on a multitude of fronts, of course, but we at Xconomy focus each day on business and high-tech innovation. So we are curious to find out what our audience—the innovation community—thinks should be the top innovation priorities for the president and the new Congress.

To that end, we hope you will take a moment to answer the question below and help inform our leaders on what they should focus on to ensure the nation’s innovation and competitiveness future. We will tally your votes and, barring any recounts, report back on Friday with the results and some analysis.


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One response to “Xconomy’s Post-Election Innovation Priority Poll”

  1. Jason says:

    Obama has wasted 4 years. First thing I would have done in 2009 was a Manhattan Project on Energy including hydrogen and battery. Screw solar, no future there for masses.

    Still voted for him twice.