Corporate Venture Activity Rebounds After Slump in Deals and Dollars

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$80 million (4 percent) in 12 deals (almost 10 percent) in Massachusetts, and $30 million (1 percent) in nine deals (8 percent) in New York.

—The cleantech sector attracted the most dollars—$620 million—during the second quarter. But there were only 12 deals. It was more than twice the $301 million in venture capital that went into 22 cleantech deals during the same quarter last year.

—Internet was a busy sector. Corporate venture arms invested $513 million in 48 Internet deals during the second quarter, which represented 27 percent of the $2.1 billion in corporate capital and 42 percent of the deals. But most of that money (79 percent) and most of the deals (67 percent) went to Internet startups in California.

—-Healthcare attracted $334 million from corporate VCs, who invested in 21 deals. That was a 38 percent drop from the $539 million invested during the same quarter of 2011, and a 27 percent fall in deals. Yet it represented a 93 percent increase from the $173 million invested in the first quarter of 2012, and a 50 percent gain in deals.

—Corporate investments in mobile and telecommunications ventures totaled $146.7 million during the second quarter, and there were 15 deals. California led in deals as well as dollars, but Massachusetts made a strong, second-place showing, with 13 percent of the deals and 24 percent of the dollars.

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