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grateful to our investors for sticking by us.

We had a laser focus. We’re going to build something that works and think this through. We put together systems. We have real marquee customers that are really committed. Beijing Automotive is a really strategic player. They created an electric company as their executive arm. Part of what China is celebrating now with what they did right. They got big companies to invest in their vision. They’re building a business strategy on that policy.

Right now we’re the good guys and we like that. But it’s not all good. It’s up and down.

X: In December you mentioned that you were excited about your next opportunity. Can you talk more about what that will be?
CLO: I’ve been very focused [on Boston-Power]. It was more work than I thought, the transition. It’s been a lot of work actually. I will absolutely honor my year commitment, but I will not move to Beijing; I want to live in the U.S. right now because I think it’s the right thing for my family.

I think I will have the opportunity to do a lot of things. I’m going to finish this the right way. There will be no shortage of opportunities to use the knowledge and some of the insights I’ve gained to continue to help in more sustainable businesses.

X: So nothing new yet?
CLO: Not yet. I have a lot of ideas and opportunities, but I’m going to finish this right first.

X: What exactly does that look like?
CLO: I think it’s the transition of the leadership. It’s proven to be hard to hard to hire in China. It’s a huge country. We are in demand of the same type of talent [as other companies]: CEOs, engineers, and engineers out of school. But I’m fairly confident that we will have an executive team in place by the end of this year. It’s looking pretty good.

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