Small is Beautiful in Q1 Venture Deals as VCs Write Lots of Checks

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sputter as the third-largest sector, with $763 million invested in 56 deals. The CB Insights data shows that it was a 40 percent drop from the $1.28 billion invested in green and cleantech deals during the previous quarter, and a nearly 19 percent decline from the 69 deals. Comparing the first quarter to the same quarter in 2011 shows even more of a freefall, though, with a 60 percent plunge from the $1.9 billion in venture funding and a nearly 35 drop from the 86 deals. “It’s the drop in deal activity that is probably most worth tracking,” CB Insights says.

The biggest green and cleantech deals were:

SolarCity (Foster City, CA)

Joule Unlimited (Bedford, MA)

LanzaTech (Roselle, IL)

MiaSole (Santa Clara, CA)

Renmatix (King of Prussia, PA)

For the first time, CB Insights broke out data for a new sector—mobile and telecom—showing that venture firms invested $435 million in 93 deals. In the previous quarter, VCs provided $756 million in funding to 92 companies. “Like most tech investment sectors, VCs are favoring small seed investments in the mobile sector,” CB Insights says.

Boku (San Francisco, CA)

Ruckus Wireless (Sunnyvale, CA)

Jasper Wireless (Sunnyvale, CA)

Ooma (Palo Alto, CA)

Verivo Software (Waltham, MA)

In the regional breakdown, Washington State was the outlier and staged something of a comeback, with $206 million invested in 28 companies. While that represents just 4 percent of all deals nationwide and just 5 percent of the capital VCs deployed during … Next Page »

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