Small is Beautiful in Q1 Venture Deals as VCs Write Lots of Checks

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largest single sector during the quarter, according to CB Insights. Venture firms invested almost $2.07 billion in 326 Internet deals, which accounted for 35 percent of the VC dollars invested and 42 percent of the deals.

Without including the amounts invested, CB Insights says the top Internet deals were:

Yammer (San Francisco, CA)

Lithium Technologies (Emeryville, CA)

Code 42 Software (Minneapolis, MN)

Apptio (Bellevue, WA)

Kinnser Software (Austin, TX)

Trialpay (Mountain View, CA)

Healthcare was the next-biggest sector, with $1.45 billion invested in 153 deals. Those numbers were roughly comparable to the same quarter last year, but represent a 23 percent drop from the almost $1.9 billion invested during the previous quarter and an 11 percent slide in the 172 deals. CB Insights says, “The sentiment and chatter around healthcare continues to be mixed and so the sector will remain range-bound unless some catalyst, i.e. massive exit, regulatory change, etc. can spur it to move.”

The biggest healthcare deals were:

Warp Drive Bio (Cambridge, MA )

Sientra (Santa Barbara, CA)

Ariosa Diagnostics (San Jose, CA)

Apollo Endosurgery (Austin, TX)

Mevion Medical Systems (Littleton, MA)

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