Bill Walton Hails Spirit of Entrepreneurship at San Diego Awards

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Connect’s most innovative new product awards are:

Clean Technology

Genomatica, for a transformative manufacturing process capable of producing large volumes of high-value basic and intermediate chemicals from renewable feedstocks.

—Biomedical Diagnostics and Research Tools

Life Technologies for the Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM), a bench-top system that uses disruptive semiconductor technology to conduct gene sequencing with unprecedented speed.

—Medical Products

Hypnoz Therapeutic Devices, for the Jaw Elevation Device (JED), an externally applied, non-invasive device that allows an anesthesia provider a hands-free way to keep a patient’s airway open.


MOGL, a Web-based customer loyalty and rewards program for restaurants and bars that leverages psychology, technology, and game mechanics.

—Communications and Information Technologies

Ethertronics for Ether 1.2.1, an LTE notebook band switching solution that uses active antenna system technology to tune across global LTE bands while operating at high performance.

—Hardware and General Technology

Memjet for Memjet Technologies, ink jet printers capable of printing a page per second—twice the speed and half the ownership cost of traditional printers.

—Aerospace and Security Technologies

Langford & Carmichael, for ScenGen, a scenario generator that uses artificial intelligence to “think” of all possible test scenarios to help determine that a new technology is functioning correctly.

—Action and Sport Technologies

Hydroflex for Hydroflex Supercharger, an adjustable surfboard that is fully recyclable

Connect also issued two Distinguished Contribution Awards to Jim Schaeffer, executive director of licensing and external research for Merck Research Laboratories in San Diego, and Rodney Lanthorne, Vice Chairman of Kyocera International.

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