The Economy in 17 Syllables, All of Them Gloomy

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More demand is needed 
The Fed is responsible 
Do not look elsewhere

-Scott Sumner

More public spending 
Is needed to fill the gap 
Sadly America fails

-Bill Mitchell

New Commanding Heights 
Credentials Suffocating 
Let the market work

-Arnold Kling

No one has a job 
Except econobloggers 
And they’re not paid much

-Felix Salmon

Revenge of the Nerds 
ZMP can’t outcompete 
Very small shell scripts

-Eli Dourado

The goal is simple 
Get Americans to say 
“I, Entrepreneur”

-Nick Schulz

The US needs jobs 
Politicians have theirs now 
With which they do little

-Austin Frakt

This is not so hard. 
Helicopter money please. 
Wired straight to households.

-Steve Waldman

Those kids blame the banks. 
Is Wall Street pre-occupied? 
Next: capital strike.

-Michael Munger

Uncertainty rules 
While the economy suffers 
Politics rejoices

-Pedro Albuquerque

When Japan fell in 1990s 
They were lectured by the world economists 
Time for Japanese to smile

-Amol Agrawal

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