The Economy in 17 Syllables, All of Them Gloomy

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Climate change question 
Cap-and-trade or carbon tax 
Either efficient

-John Whitehead

Double dip at bay 
Despite moronic Congress 
Europe sinks us all

-Ryan Avent

Econ guys, gentle souls 
Think policies guide markets 
Jail time is better

-Robert Cringely

Economy Grows Big 
Increase in Stock Market 
My Children Get Rich

-James Altucher

Economy sucks? 
New policies shake things up! 
Causing more suckage.

-Glen Whitman

Intermodal loadings increase 
Trade conflict looms without cease 
Occupy Wall Street

-Stephen Karlson

Jobs are needed now
Austerity ill-timed 
Action is required

-Jeff Miller

Keynes’ America falls 
Growth will emerge with startups 
Hayek wins the day

-Tim Kane

many angry folks 
watch political duck soup 
less soup back to work

-David Zetland

Monetary stimulus is all that’s left 
Do it right or suffer 
Target NGDP to end the quest
-James Picerno

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