The Labor Day Friday Bad News Poll

Any savvy news hound knows that companies love to bury bad news by disclosing it after the close of markets on a Friday. The Friday before a long weekend like Labor Day is especially attractive.

That got me wondering what bad news might be coming today. Is there another big CEO shuffle looming, a la Apple and Steve Jobs (which of course they recognized was far too big to bury)? A major layoff or lawsuit loss perhaps?

Or have we had enough bad news as an economic whole that everyone—even the PR moles—will take this Friday off?

Since there’s wisdom in crowds, I figured why not have a little fun and set up a survey to see what readers think? I’ve included my top choices below, but also left room for you to point out something else. This poll shuts down at 4pm EST on Friday, when the markets close.

I’ll announce the results next week. Have a great long weekend–with only good news!

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3 responses to “The Labor Day Friday Bad News Poll”

  1. Andy OryChris C. says:

    Today’s unemployment #s from the feds fit your premise, too… LOL. Have a great long weekend, too, Bob!

  2. Yow, Chris–I forgot about that. Worst jobs news in almost a year, and right before Labor Day. Not after market though.

  3. Yes, pick any high profile holiday and any high profile event that grabs the headlines and you can be guaranteed that someone, somewhere is burying bad/dirty news.