How Did You Start Your Company? Tell the Entrepreneurs’ Census


Are we in another tech bubble? Is all the money going to Social, Local and B2C? Any love for B2B out there? And is it true that all you need to get funded these days is a new buzzword and a flashy smile?

Although startup companies produce essentially all the new jobs in the United States, the details of just how to start a company—which cities are the most welcoming, with the best talent and smartest money—have always been opaque. Conventional wisdom about the industry is anecdotal, speculative, and prone to swings of opinion in popular media and among bloggers.

To shine the light of reason on this topic, students from the Yale School of Management last year inaugurated the Entrepreneurs’ Census. Veterans readers of Xconomy may remember last year’s findings, including the fact that many entrepreneurs are unaware of public funding sources up for grabs, just waiting for them.

We are excited to repeat the survey again this year. It will be interesting to see how the startup landscape has changed over the year. Our long-term goal is to build a longitudinal dataset, understanding how waves in the macroeconomic cycle ripple through to our newest businesses.

Record your part in this generation’s wave of innovation—take a few minutes to fill out the survey here.

We would truly value your participation, and look forward to sharing the results with you soon!

Guy M. Guyadeen is a tech-entrepreneur-turned-investment-banker, based in San Francisco and focusing on Tech, Media and Telecom companies. Follow @

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