Scenes from JP Morgan 2011: The Photo Gallery

Xconomy National — 

The marathon biotech schmoozefest known as the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is officially over, and I’ll say two things first off. Wow, it was fun. And wow, I’m glad to be home.

Xconomy’s bookkeeper will surely get a chuckle out of what my Amex card says about my activity this week in San Francisco’s Union Square: Starbucks, Chipotle, Starbucks, Chipotle—maybe Quizno’s for a change of pace. In between those 10-minute pit stops for Venti-sized doses of caffeine and even bigger doses of carbs/protein/fat, I zoomed around to 51 in-person meetings with sources and a handful of networking receptions. Watch these pages in the weeks to come for a bunch of fascinating stories that emerged from those conversations.

I’m just one of probably 10,000 people doing this same kind of JP Morgan shuffle, although everyone has his own objectives—raising money, doing deals, re-connecting with old friends, maybe finding a job, etc. I thought it would be fun to try to capture images of some of this activity. Some of you noticed that I was also playing around with my new Windows Phone which has a surprisingly good camera built in, and a method of wirelessly transmitting images that is so easy that even a biotech nerd like me can do it. So I took a lot of head shots of sources for my files, but also tried to snap a few random shots to give folks a flavor for the personalities and the energy that was running through the lobby of the Westin St. Francis and a couple dozen other hotels in SF this week.

As you’ll notice quickly, I’m a reporter/writer/editor, and not a pro photographer. Since I’m willing to put amateur photos of my own here, I figure it’s fair to welcome yours too. If you snapped any photos and would like to send me a few of your own, please shoot me a note at [email protected]. I’ll see if I can figure out how to add them easily through our publishing system—right after I get back from my neighborhood Starbucks here at the office in Seattle.

Adam Feuerstein, the bearded one

Adam Feuerstein's fashionable new beard

Adimab's Ad

Adimab's 21st century technology on a 19th century cable car

Merck's Merv Turner

Merck's Merv Turner breaks out the bow tie

VCs letting their hair down

VCs from Arch Venture Partners letting their hair down

Katrine Bosley gets caffeinated

Katrine Bosley gets caffeinated

Tim Ingersoll at the clock

Tim Ingersoll at the central nervous system of the whole thing---the clock

The St. Francis entryway buzz (Photo courtesy of Carlos Velez of Lacerta Bio)

The St. Francis entryway buzz (Photo courtesy of Carlos Velez of Lacerta Bio)