Study Shows Startup Executive Pay on the Mend

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South: $198,000

Mid-Atlantic: $196,600

West: $195,400

California: $190,300

Midwest: $180,400

Editor’s note: J. Robert Scott’s Lapat said that CEO compensation depends more on the size of the company than the location of the firm. Also, the “West” region includes Washington State and Oregon, but obviously excludes California.

Tech CEO base salaries by sector:

Hardware/semiconductors: $210,400

Communications: $202,800

Clean technology: $201,800

Software: $192,800

IT services/consulting: $192,100

Digital media: $187,300

Life sciences CEO average base salaries by region:

New England: $277,000

Mid-Atlantic: $273,400

California: $264,800

Midwest: $247,400

West: $242,600

South: $238,100

Life sciences CEO base salaries by sector:

Therapeutics: $295,600

Devices: $245,600

Tools/instruments: $220,700

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