Forget the Facebook Movie; Here’s the TechStars Casting Call

All this talk about “The Social Network,” and Mark Zuckerberg this and that, got me thinking. What if they made a movie about a technology company that’s doing something really innovative now?

A modest company that’s expanding nationally and helping to set the agenda and culture for a new generation of techie entrepreneurs…One with deep connections to many of the top investors and venture capitalists around the country…

OK, I chose TechStars, the seed-stage investment and mentoring company, mostly because I think Robert De Niro could do a fantastic Shawn Broderick (head of TechStars Boston). I’m sure I’m not alone. Plus I’ve met or seen most of the TechStars folks in person, so I have some sense of their style and mannerisms.

Sadly, Hollywood’s not going to green-light this one unless TechStars makes it big—and a whole lot of backstabbing occurs—but here goes.

This is who I would cast in the key roles of “TechStars: The Movie.” We even have an A-list producer/director (see below). Now we just need a script, perhaps involving AngelGate and/or Y Combinator…

David Cohen (founder and CEO), played by Jon Favreau (photo: Thomas Crenshaw):

David Cohen (photo: TechStars)Jon Favreau (photo: Thomas Crenshaw)

Brad Feld (co-founder), played by Seth Rogen (photo: Phil Konstantin):

Brad FeldSeth Rogen (photo: Phil Konstantin)

Nicole Glaros (general manager), played by Mary-Louise Parker (photo: Gage Skidmore):

Nicole Glaros (photo: Nicole Glaros)Mary-Louise Parker (photo: Gage Skidmore)

Shawn Broderick (Boston director), played by Robert De Niro (photo: Petr Novák, Wikipedia):

Shawn Broderick (photo: Shawn Broderick and BostInnovation)Robert De Niro (photo: Petr Novák, Wikipedia)

Andy Sack (Seattle director—photo: Randy Stewart), played by Michael Douglas (photo: Stephen P. Weaver, U.S. Navy):

Andy Sack (photo: Randy Stewart, Douglas (photo: Stephen P. Weaver, U.S. Navy)

David Tisch (New York director), played by Shia LaBeouf (photo: Nicolas Genin):

David Tisch (photo: David Tisch)Shia LaBeouf (photo: Nicolas Genin)

Jared Polis (co-founder), played by Peter Sarsgaard (photo: Patrick McBryde):

Jared Polis (photo: Jared Polis)Peter Sarsgaard (photo: Patrick McBryde)

David Brown (co-founder), played by J.J. Abrams (photo: David Shankbone):

David Brown (photo: David Brown, JEMS Connect)J.J. Abrams (photo: David Shankbone)

[Celebrity photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

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9 responses to “Forget the Facebook Movie; Here’s the TechStars Casting Call”

  1. What? Not Brad Pitt? Come on!

  2. Those are strong alternatives. Keep ’em coming and we could have a constructive debate. I’ll admit I was swayed by the glasses more than anything…

  3. Carol says:

    Ben Affleck for David Tisch

  4. Megan says:

    I ALWAYS thought Shawn Broderick reminded me of Robert De Niro! Not sure about Seth Rogin though, must be the glasses.

  5. Scott says:

    Why not a documentary? set-up some flip cams around the office – record and I’ll bet you’ll have some stories scripts that could be used for something

  6. Nicole GlarosNicole says:

    Hmm- how about Angelina Jolie? Okay maybe I’m not nearly svelte enough for that, but I’ve always wanted to wear a gun on my leg. I bet I would do a better job of keeping the founders in line…

  7. Amy says:

    Nicole, forget about Tomb Raider and Mrs. Smith. Nancy Botwin always comes out on top! :)