Startup School, Round Two: The 2010 Xconomy Guide to Venture Incubators

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Springboard Enterprises
Location: Washington, DC
Founded: 2000

Location: Boston, MA, and New York, NY
Founded: 2009
Spark Capital Launches Startup Seed Fund,” March 25, 2009

[Note: Program is on hiatus for 2010, but may be reinstated in 2011.]
Location: Menlo Park, CA, and Lexington, MA
Founded: 2007
Xconomy coverage:
Highland Capital Puts Out the Call for Student Entrepreneurs and Interns,” April 3, 2008
Highland Program Offers No-Strings Stipends to Student Entrepreneurs,” March 3, 2009
Paragon Lake Out to Dazzle Jewelry Buyers with Virtual Customization,” May 19, 2009

Location: Boston, MA, Boulder, CO (original location); and Seattle, WA (Boston opened in summer of 2009, Seattle in late summer 2010)
Founded: 2006
Xconomy coverage:
TechStars ‘Entrepreneurship Boot Camp’ Comes to Boston: An Interview with Co-founder David Cohen,” February 17, 2009
Oneforty Gets Funded,” June 29, 2009
TechStars in Seattle Will Be ‘Centralizing Force’ for Entrepreneurs and Startups, Investors Say,” December 18, 2009

TechTown SmartStart
Location: Detroit, MI
Founded: 2009

Tech Wildcatters
Location: Dallas, TX
Founded: 2010

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TheFunded Founder Institute
Location: Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Paris, France; Singapore; San Diego, CA; Silicon Valley, CA (original location); Seattle, WA, and Washington, DC
Founded: 2009
TheFunded to Bring Startup ‘Training Camp’ to San Diego—Eyeing Other Cities From Seattle to Boston to Paris,” August 28, 2009

Y Combinator
Location: Mountain View, CA
Founded: 2005
Xconomy coverage:
Y Combinator Gears Up for Startup Summer,” March 10, 2008
As Y Combinator Prepares to Open Summer Camp, Paul Graham Speaks,” May 3, 2008
Paul Graham and Y Combinator to Leave Cambridge, Stay in Silicon Valley Year Round,” January 22, 2009

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6 responses to “Startup School, Round Two: The 2010 Xconomy Guide to Venture Incubators”

  1. UNH announced a new incubator today. It will be located at the former Pease AFB in Portsmouth and Mark Galvin will be the Director. You can read about it at

  2. You should look at Founders Space. It’s one of the top accelerators and incubators in San Francisco.