What Xconomy Readers Are Saying About the iPad

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8. Has your opinion about Apple’s culture of control influenced your decision about buying an iPad?



“The alternative is the Google culture – where G sort of gives you freedom but also knows your every step.”

“The close coupling of hardware and software is why Apple’s products just work.”

“Not so much about their control, but about the free advertising they get from the media and how they play the media so very, very adeptly.”

“Apple has had the right vision and it has worked. Most of the whiners want to inflict a lesser vision on us and what they’ve wanted hasn’t worked. We don’t need Micro$oft telling us how we’re going to add to Bill Gates’s net worth. Apple has changed my life for the better. Micro$oft has not.”

“I have a brain and I use it. I also am extremely loyal to Apple. And, Steve Jobs is a national hero and a national treasure.”

“I’ve never owned a Mac and have no desire for more over-hyped gadgetry. I found iTunes clunky, was turned off by its restrictions and gave up on it within weeks. In my view Apple fans appear ready to buy anything and everything that Mr. Jobs cares to develop. What’s next, the iToilet?”

“Sort of — I’m unhappy with Apple’s practices, and I don’t really see a good fit for the iPad in my gadget list, so I’m not buying.”

“The culture of control makes the devices better!”

“If the CEO doesn’t like something consumer get shafted kinda sucks.”

“It’s not an ideological decision, at least not primarily. I just don’t have nearly enough problems that could be solved with an iPad for me to be willing to pay that kind of money.”

“Lacking flash is just plain silly. Makes it impossible for my kids to play Disney Club Penguin.”

“They have gone off the deep end. Google has positioned themselves very well to compete against the iPad. Apple may have an edge on industrial design, but their business practices are less than healthy.”

“Apple’s going out of its way to turn its mobile hardware into anything *but* the general purpose computers they really are. That is a big problem.”


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2 responses to “What Xconomy Readers Are Saying About the iPad”

  1. 16-GB is the best choice. Mainly because the hotness factor will only last for 6 – 12 months. Newer models be better and cheaper. Anyways, who needs a 3G when 4G is coming up?

  2. Sandy Weiner says:

    I pre ordered at 32GB 3G iPad. I am an Apple enthusiast and I own just about every electronic item that they make. Being 66 years old, an avid Kindle reader, and a computer hobbyist, I really had a difficult choice. I wanted to get the iPad immediately but I knew I would eventually be upset that I didn’t have the 3G version.

    I will be using it as a GPS in my car and the golf course (have to get a mount for the car and golf cart). I actually will probably get rid of my iPhone and purchase a cheap cell to get my incoming phone calls and use a VOIP to make out going calls on my iPad.

    I guess I am going to have to wait it out and suffer without one.

    Impatient and waiting, Sandy Weiner