What Xconomy Readers Are Saying About the iPad

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7. Some observers condemn Apple for the restrictions and secrecy it imposes on third-party app developers. Do you generally agree with this critique?



“Innovation requires a little bit of surprise and surprises require secrecy.”

“The important aspect of the device it that it simply work…The restrictions, including no Flash or multitasking, are there to make sure it always works.”

“Apple still attracts more 3rd party developers than other vendors do.”

“That’s who they are. You know this going in. So suck it up buttercup.”

“What you don’t know can hurt you.”

“They can be as restrictive or open as they want. If they choose closed/restricted, then they will be disadvantaged when more open, less restrictive (Android) platforms achieve momentum.”

“It’s an amazing walled garden, but a walled garden nonetheless.”

“Consistency is key for ensuring 3rd party apps work.”

“Apple is the best on the planet at what it does. So, it works. Not a small thing.”

“Apple has a right to handle third-party developers as it sees fit. Ultimately the consumer votes with their wallet.”

“Apple’s policy, shop elsewhere if you don’t like it.”

“We build apps including iPad apps. It’s not so bad.”

“Only stifles creativity and hurts Apple and the consumer in the long run.”

“I think it is foolish to try to build a business around the Apple ecosystem, where one would be totally at the mercy of how Apple feels about the things you make…If they stop liking what you do, for whatever reason, you can basically close up shop.”


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2 responses to “What Xconomy Readers Are Saying About the iPad”

  1. 16-GB is the best choice. Mainly because the hotness factor will only last for 6 – 12 months. Newer models be better and cheaper. Anyways, who needs a 3G when 4G is coming up?

  2. Sandy Weiner says:

    I pre ordered at 32GB 3G iPad. I am an Apple enthusiast and I own just about every electronic item that they make. Being 66 years old, an avid Kindle reader, and a computer hobbyist, I really had a difficult choice. I wanted to get the iPad immediately but I knew I would eventually be upset that I didn’t have the 3G version.

    I will be using it as a GPS in my car and the golf course (have to get a mount for the car and golf cart). I actually will probably get rid of my iPhone and purchase a cheap cell to get my incoming phone calls and use a VOIP to make out going calls on my iPad.

    I guess I am going to have to wait it out and suffer without one.

    Impatient and waiting, Sandy Weiner